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Activated carbon is a natural simple product that absorbs harmful contaminants from industrial water, municipal waste water, and contaminated groundwater. It is used for centuries in purification and treatment of water, although various compounds are developed in recent years


Activated carbon has been used since ages from 3750 B.C and it was first used in Egypt. In the history, it serves various purposes like purifying oil, metals, in preservation of mummified bodies, the most prominent is in filtration of water2015-10-09_14.22.10Characteristics influencing performance of activated carbon:

Activated carbon has a high surface area ranging from -1 lb to 125 acres. It is non polar and has affinity towards non polar compounds. It finds very effective application in water and air purification.

1.Pore size

Pore size provides adsorption sites which facilitates the adsorption process of the activated carbon.

Three different size of pore size are:

  • Micropores (diameter of range less than 2nm)
  • Mesopores (diameter of range 2 – 25 nm)
  • Macropores (diameter of range above 25 nm)

2.Apparent Density

High density is necessary to provide high volume activity of the activated carbon. This indicates that the compound is with best quality


The activated carbon produced must be resistant to frictional forces, attrition when is subjected to washing

4.Iodine number

It is the most important parameter that decides the performance of activated carbon. The iodine number equals the activated carbon area ranging from 900 to 1000 m2/g

Preparation of Activated Carbon

Carbonaceous materials like coal, wood, lignite are heated from 6000c to 9000c to produce carbonised char in the absence of air. The carbon produced is activated by heating with air or stream between 8000c and 12000c. The product obtained is highly porous to adsorb harmful chemicals that passes through it


Activated carbon is available in granular and powder form and has wide range of applications. Granular activated carbon are used for wastewater treatment and reactions involving liquid phase. Powdered activated carbon is used in biological process for removing organic compounds that are toxic in water which are removed in a seasonal or accidental basis

Cost is an important factor while choosing an adsorbent. Activated carbon serves as a best cost effective adsorbent with extreme best qualities in treating water compared to other adsorbents.

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