A Brief Insight Into The Food Industry


Historically, before the industrial revolution and the advancement of technology, the Food Industry has always been typically divided into three main stages – Production, Processing & Preparation. In modern society, the use of food chemicals in the different stages of the food industry have been amplified with development in technology and discovery of new chemicals.

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Perishable goods can now be delivered to remote locations thanks to the use of food chemicals as preservatives such as Calcium Hydroxide, Sodium Acetate, Butyl Paraben and more! Food chemicals are also used as flavourings where the taste of various confectionaries and cuisines have been enhanced. An example of a flavor enhancer in food is Butyl Acetate which imparts a characteristic fruity smell such as banana to the food. Another example of a flavor enhancer in food we consume would be dextrose which enriches the sweetness of the food! These are just a few examples of the non-exhaustive list of chemicals that have played an instrumental role in orchestrating the course of the Food Industry. Undoubtedly, there are many more food chemicals that have made our taste buds significantly happier.

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In terms of market forecast, analysts have observed a growing trend in the use of food chemicals as preservatives and sweeteners in the food industry. For instance, the consumption of butyl acetate is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 8.2%! Such is clearly a bright economic outlook for butyl acetate! Another sweetener, dextrose, is projected to grow as well due to rise in purchasing power in emerging economies such as those in China, India, Brazil and Indonesia. Such is a promising economic outlook for these food chemicals!

Will the market trends change in the time to come? Will the doors to more chemical products be unlocked? How else can food chemicals benefit us in the near future? As of now, the future for the chemical products in the Food Industry looks promising, thanks to the rapid advancement in technology. The use of flavor enhancer in food have improved food tastes and would fill everyone in a wave of euphoria. After all, good food brings good mood.

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